Beaded Halloween Ideas

beaded halloween spooky cute pumpkin

Now the new school year has started it turns our attention to the change in season coming up soon. Halloween is getting increasingly popular here in the UK with people celebrating in much bigger ways than before, with decorations, parties and costumes.

We have been playing around with some beaded ideas to create spooky charms and earrings with a cute little twist. Here are some of our ideas created with our beading software. As you can see, simple changes can make a big difference to the overall look of a design. We like to play with adding different frames around the designs to set it off. However, sometimes it simply looks better left alone. We will let you decide which your favourite is of these designs and update you on how they turn out! We may even add a touch of Swarovski® sparkle, who knows!

Are you making an effort with your Halloween costume this year? Let us know your plans!