round silver Diamante four leaf clover lucky memory locket

We are incredibly proud to be an authorised stockist of the fantastic family owned brand Lavish Lockets.  We understand that you may have some questions before purchasing, especially since there are so many inferior products out there, and so we hope this information is useful to you.  As always, if your question is not answered, please get in touch and we can help. 

What are the lockets and charms made from?

Lockets are made with 316L surgical grade stainless steel and glass.  Rose gold and gold colour lockets are 18k plated using an ION plating method, the same method used by designer watch manufacturers.  

Chains are made with 304 stainless steel and sterling silver options are sterling silver with rhodium plating, to provide extra shine and strength.

Lavish Locket brand lockets are independently tested in the UK by UKAS to ensure they meet strict nickel laws in the UK

Nickel is present in all steel and is what gives it it’s shine.  The way in which the steel is made and it’s grade is important.  Stainless steel is very strong and does not tarnish which is essential for the intricate design of the locket.

All Lockets by Lavish Lockets are 316L grade stainless steel and the way in which the steel is forged means the nickel does not ‘leech out’.  Lockets are tested by the manufacturer but also again in the UK to UKAS standards making them fully tested and verified.

What sizes are the lockets?

Lockets are available in a range of sizes and finishes to ensure you get the best choice and the locket to suit your taste.  We recommend you consult each item description for the size to ensure you are purchasing the correct product.  However, as a guide, round lockets are available in the sizes as follows:

Round lockets:

Large: 30mm

Medium : 25mm

Small: 20mm 

Heart lockets have some shape variations and we recommend you consult the individual product description for exact sizes.

What size are the charms?

Each charm is different but on average they measure approximately 4-13mm

How many charm can i fit in a locket?

This of course depends on the size of lockets and size of individual charms chosen but here is an approximate guide:

Large Locket: 7-10 charms

Medium Locket: 4-7 charms

Small Locket: 1-3 charms

How do I open the locket?

Most lockets by Lavish Lockets open at the side, similar to a pocket watch.  There is an indentation at the side which will open the locket and when open, you can insert and change your charms as required and close again.  Lockets close, and stay closed, with strong magnets and so your charms are safe when inside.