We have a wide range of pendants and necklaces all handcrafted with Swarovski® crystals and pearls and finished with sterling silver.

Our pendants and necklaces are popular due to the array of styles, shapes and colours available.  So whether you like a dainty pendant or full pearl necklace we are sure to appeal to all tastes and occasions.

Our timeless heart pendants are always a popular choice and come in different sizes as well as colours and finishes with our most popular colour the famous Crystal AB with a special coating to emulate the effects of the beautiful Northern Lights.

Our Swarovski® crystal pearl necklaces are a classic choice, especially among brides and wedding guests.

As always, we are able to discuss your individual requirements and offer advice.  If you are in need of a gift or would like something custom made and aren’t sure what to choose, simply get in touch and we will be happy to help

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