Swarovski Crystal Sterling Silver Jet Black Polygon and Sand Opal Earrings


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A beautiful pair of sterling silver earrings handcrafted with Swarovski® Polygon and Round crystals in Jet black and sand opal with a lovely bronze tone spacer to add a more casual feel. Polygon crystals have a beautiful elongated shape with a variety of facets that make use of light from all directions.

A lovely aspect to round crystals is the small hexagonal facets across the face of the crystal which reflect the light so wonderfully. Jet black crystals have a slightly different feature and due to their opaque colour the light is reflected to reveal the numerous facets which make up the crystal, giving a slightly different effect.

The wonderful feature of the Sand Opal crystals is that despite the opaque style of the colour, the light still visibly passes through almost lighting up the crystals and capturing the light within. The overall look of the earrings provides, not only stunning crystals, but a contrasting mixture of both rounded and angular edges as well as a stunning combination of light and dark, making an interesting piece of beautiful jewellery.

This item comes complete with an organza gift pouch


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